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    Savings App - unlinked everything in one place

    Hi, as a keen saver, I, like many of yourselves I'm sure, make use of different accounts to increase access to interest rates. I have an ISA, a couple of the nationwide flex direct current accounts for the 5% interest and the regular saver linked to that.

    My question is... As I have little bits of savings dotted about, is there a handy app which shows them all together and total savings? I don't want one which links your bank accounts as I'm just not that comfortable with something having live access to all my accounts. I'm happy to manually input the data.

    I can't find anything on the play store, has anyone come across something like this?

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    I use Moneyhub. You can choose what it links to. I find it handy. If youre inputting manually an excel spreadsheet will do the job!

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    Hi cheers, I'll have a look. I do use a spreadsheet at the moment. Just thought there might be something more graphically exciting and more handy.

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    Stick some pretty graphs and pie charts etc on your spreadsheet.


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