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    Please help, where to invest??


    I have been given an inheritance of 25k, and was looking for advice about where to invest this. i was thinking of putting it towards my mortgage (currently at 95k left, with renewal due next month), or investing in stocks and shares isa. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction about which is the best platform to use, and what sort of return I can expect?

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    What's your mortgage interest rate?
    Are there early redemption penalties or limits?
    Do you have an emergency rainy day fund?
    When would you anticipate needing the money?
    What's your appetite for risk?
    Do you have adequate (or better) pension provision?

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    We have similar and have used half of it to pay a chunk off our hefty mortgage (interest rate 2.9 per cent). You can do a mortgage calculator online (on MSE) to see how much you will save in interest over the years by paying some off now.

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    Can you overpay your mortgage for free? Ours is limited to 10% overpayments (of the original amount borrowed) or you incur a redemption fee, so check your terms with your provider.


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