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    Supermarket Food/Allergy Advice?

    I have a friend who is gluten intolerant and am making up a food hamper for them as part of a gift and want to include some sweets/snacks from the international food section that you'd find in most supermarkets. Only, I don't know how to tell which ones are gluten free (if any) as I don't know the languages. Could anyone help me with this and let me know which ones should be safe to buy? I'm mainly looking at biscuits, chocolate bars, snacks etc. Thank you!

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    My advice would be to think of another gift if you can't read the packaging. Not worth the hassle.

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    It is worth the hassle to me, but thanks for your input.

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    Can you use something like this ?

    (I am not recommending that app, never used it, but that's a quick hit from googling for "an app that lets you scan the barcode and give you allergen information")

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    Would that work with international foods though? It seems very risky to me not being able to read the packaging.


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