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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    I literally don't know where to find and how to post this, despite scrolling through the website like maniac

    So any help with moving it will be appreciated

    I am in DMP, separated and with 2 children living in marital home. The mortgage was on my ex name at the time i.e. 5 years ago due ti income, I am paying it now as living in the house (he's renting). He told me that he wsnted to go on DMP but was advised that he may need to sell the house!!! I am panicking -of course-as the mortgage payments are still lower than renting out and kids love the house...Is it possible that my ex can sell it and we ll have to move out?

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    Have moved it to the general DFW forum for you.

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    There's no need for him to sell the house on a dmp.

    I assume his is the only name on the house at the Land Registry. He can try to sell it if he wants to.

    However, by you living there and paying the mortgage you will have acquired a beneficial interest in the property. Court may be necessary to quantify this. You need proper legal advice but you may be able to buy him out.

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    Thank you fatbelly. This whole situation makes me feel anxious so you pointi g me at the propwr direction is much appreciated


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