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Thread: White ice cubes

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    White ice cubes

    I've got a bag of ice cubes, and there's been a few that haven't gone transparent when put in a drink, but have actually gone white until they've completely melted. Is there a reason for this or are the ice cubes dodgy and made with tainted water?

    Is there a scientific reason for this, or are the Russians trying to bump me off with ice cubes made from Novichok?

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    What drink was it?
    Why buy ice cubes?

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    You actually buy ice cubes? Haven't you heard about the semen contamination?

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    Water, pure (not concenctrated) apple juice, Dr Pepper and Pepsi - not all at once obviously.

    Buying ice cubes is something that I rarely do, but I got three bags of them because it's my birthday this weekend and I can't be bothered faffing around with ice trays/bags or burning out my ice making machine (what I use day-to-day).


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