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Thread: £100,000

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    If you had 100,000 and no outstanding loans, no mortgage remaining etc... what would you do to get best possible returns....

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    100 bottles of excellent wine would be a great return for all that money.

    But seriously, not sure what youre looking for. Over what timeframe? How much certainty of the return do you need? Do you need x% year on year or can it drop 50% tomorrow and then rise 10000% in year 10?

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    Are you risk averse to something like bitcoin? Can you stomach investing in something that might lose all the capital but could double overnight? Is this an invest-and-forget or would you consider buying 100k worth of strawberries and making jam to sell with a 300% margin?

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    jam today or jam tomorrow :-)

    Great questions, thank you... I personally would be risk adverse to something like bitcoin, only because of the downward spiral in recent times, it seems so volatile. I totally understand some people have made huge amounts by taking such risks.

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    I'd be willing to put it away as a longer term investment, wouldn't be looking to start up a business etc.

    Out of interest, how would you suggest doubling it overnight? Not sure I would have the stomach for that!

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    Google, Apple, MacDonalds. Leave for ten years.


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