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    Professional and Career development loan advice

    hi there - I have now completed my MA - due to start paying back my CDL in October at a rate of 3.2%. I borrowed 10,000 and was due to pay back 321.87 per month for 36 months (in total, paying back 11,587.32).

    I applied for a M&S loan yesterday to see if I could reduce that a bit and was offered 3% over 5 years (advertised at 2.8%)- So, paying back 191.70 over 5 years, in total paying back 11,502.00.

    This is preferable as it feels more comfortable per month to be paying the smaller amount off. However, I just wondered, as my salary is about to go up next month, is it worth trying for another loan in a month's time? Is it likely I'll just get offered the same amount? or will it be even more because of a change in my credit rating. I wasn't too sure why I was offered the higher rate in the first place!

    Anyway, would really love some advice - I'm not too sure how this all works. Thank you.

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    The difference between 2.8% and 3% does amount to much, you are unlikely to be offered another loan with 10k of debt outstanding, at least not at a sensible rate. My advice would be to pay off your existing loan and be debt free in 3 years,.

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    Thanks. I think that would be best, but the monthly payments of 321 per month for 3 years is too high for me at the moment, so I guess the most sensible option would be to take the 5 year loan at 3%.

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    Did you mean the difference between between 2.8 and 3% *doesn't* amount to much?


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