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    Getting rid of tiny flies from home?

    Wonder if anyone give some advice. For the few days, we've been getting a lot of very small flies in our home sticking on kitchen windows and porches.

    I tried one of the home made remedies by purchasing Apple Cider Vinegar but they don't seem to be attracted to it, even when I put them near where they're flying around, though only few hours. Is there anything else that people tried and is effective or buy a spray.

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    I find good old fly papers mop them up quite well. You can also get "window fly killer stickers" which stick to the window, look like little picture of a sunflower but the backside to the room is coated with similar stuff to fly papers.

    Aside from that, the only remedy is patience, when the migrating birds return they will chomp up the small flies.

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    If they are little fruit flys I seem to remember them coming from the soil in house plants. You might want to inspect them and maybe move them to another room.

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    Thanks fellas for the replies. I looked up in the internet about using Cider Vinegar but it seems they're mostly used by the Americans.

    I will try to get fly papers when I visit my local Tesco stores.


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