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    CCA - Hmmm not sure

    I have received something back from Barclays. They have stated on the covering letter the account and the amount, but the agreement looks a bit dodgy it has my name and address of my old house but thats it, no signature just a standard agreement. And it has a date in one of the corners of year 2006.

    Do providing the agreement means i still have to pay or are they just chancing it

    Any answers would be appriciated

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    What type of account was it, are there any financial details on it at all ?

    If a credit card, are the prescribed terms present ?

    A signature is not required, but details of the debtor and the product your signing up for is.

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    Yes it was a credit card and the terms and condition are present on the attachement, looks like i am stuffed then

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    If a credit card, are the prescribed terms present ?


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