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    whats people's views on Crypto Currency?

    Bitcoin is all over the news with massive gains in recent months, but no main broker seems to touch it.

    is it safe? not from view of price going up/down like stocks and shares but more security/legal? heard many horror stories of coins being stolen (plain text on computers?) when you sell - you have to advertise and wait for a bid, banks cancelling accounts as fraud etc...

    does many people trade in it or have views?

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    There are multiple existing bitcoin threads - you have been here a couple of years so should be able to use the search tool

    Stockbrokers do not sell bitcoin because it is not a stock

    High street banks do not exchange bitcoin because it is not a mainstream national currency

    It is legal in the UK to own bitcoin

    I have used Bitstamp to buy and sell and they were professional about it with plenty of liquidity

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    I had to use it last week to pay for something online.

    I downloaded an app called BlockChain and was up and running within a few minutes. I made a deposit and paid for what I needed. After my initial deposit I noticed was blocked from purchasing any more through the app until I had gone through some kind of verification process (This has now been removed and i can spend up to 2000)

    My bank didn't seem to have an issue with it but I did only deposit a small amount.

    I haven't had the need to sell so I don't know how the process works yet but as I miscalculated the amount I needed I was left with around 8 in my wallet. I have just logged into the app and this is now apparently worth nearly 12. I can only imagine if i were to sell it would be as smooth a process as my initial deposit but I might just leave it in there to see how it performs over the course of a few months.

    So my initial thoughts are positive, it was all pretty seamless, no more difficult than paying any other way. My only confusion came with the fee's involved but that was my fault for rushing.

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    I expect a huge future for blockchain deals and cryptocurrencies. However, I don't know if Bitcoin will be the cryptocurrency which prevails, or if some other cryptocurrency will be used. So "I'm out."

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    everyone wants to get on the bitcoin boat as its hit $10k lol
    its close to $11k overnight.


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